Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Request For Proposal

Request For Proposals (RFP)

The National Executive Committee of the Basotho Democratic National Party requests suitably qualified service providers to assist the Party in the establishment and maintenance of a party website, the creation of a suitable domain and the creation and allocation of e-mail addresses to party officials and branches.

The party intends to use the website to communicate with the general public as well as domestic and international associates while also promoting the usage of the electronic media in the dissemination of political information in Lesotho. It is therefore of utmost importance that the website be secure, user friendly, attractive and informative.

The successful tenderer will be expected to construct the site including the provision of proper security mechanisms. They will also be required to train members of the BDNP secretariat in the maintenance and upkeep of the site and supporting systems.

Requests for additional information or clarifications on our specific requirements may be e-mailed to the office of the Deputy Leader Mr. Joang Molapo at

Tenders may be submitted in the form of a letter or quote and should be submitted to Ms. Mamokuto Lerotholi near Likonyaneng Pre-School (below the Parliament Buildings) or e-mailed to the above mentioned address. The tender should include all necessary contact details to allow communication between the tenderer and the adjudication team.

The closing date for submissions will be 6 April 2007 at 11am.

The BDNP operates a non discriminatory hiring and procurement policy and the tender is open to all Basotho nationals and/or Lesotho based companies irrespective of political affiliation or association.

Pelele Letsoala
Secretary General BDNP

Sepheo le Boikemisetso

Mokha oa Manashenale a Puso ea Sechaba
Basotho Democratic National Party BDNP

Sepheho le Boikemisetso

1. Mokha u lumela ho boholo bohle ba Morena Molimo le matla a hae holima rona batho, lintho tsohle tse bonoang le tse sa bonoeng, ‘me o itlama ho sebeletsa khotso le ho tsireletsa bolokolohi le boikethelo ba tumelo. Tlasa lekokotlelo lena la tumelo o tla sebeletsa kholo ea moruo oa sechaba sa Basotho le ho sireletsa boipuso ba naha ea Lesotho.

2. Mokha o tla sebeletsa Puso ea Sechaba ka Sechaba mona Lesotho, Afrika le lefatseng ka kakaretso.

3. Mokha o tla loantsa khethollo ‘me o tla sireletsa litokelo tsohle tsa mantlha tsa batho joalo kaha li hlaha Molaong oa Motheo oa Lesotho le mehoong ea Mokhatlo oa Machaba a Kopaneng le Kopanong ea Linaha tsa Afrika. Mokha leha ho le joalo, o tla holisa likamano tsa oona le mekhatlo e meng kea kapa kae lefatseng ha feela eba likamano tse joalo ha li hohlane kapa hona ho thulana le sepheo kapa litakatso tsa Mokha.

4. Mokha u tla sebeletsa kopano ea sechaba sa Basotho ka ho khothaletsa thuto ea lerato la naha le kholiso ea moea oa Bochaba likolong, likerekeng le mekhatlong eohle e teng ka hara naha.

5. Mokha o tla ikamahanya le mekhatlo eohle ea Lefatse esita le lichaba tse labalabelang khotso ea Lefatse, ‘me o tla tseetsa o sa qeea-qeee Mokhatlo oa Linaha tse sa ikamahanyeng le Bophirima kapa Bochabela, Mokhatlo oa Kopano ea Afrika le Mokhatlo oa Kholiso ea Moruo oa Afrika e ka Boroa.

6. Mokha o tla sebeletsa khotso le botsito ka hara Lesotho ‘me o tla sebeletsa hore moruo oa sechaba sa Lesotho o ntlafale.

7. Mokha o tla fumanela Lihoai tsa Lesotho ‘maraka o khotsofatsang oa lihlaisoa tsa bona le ho sebeletsa hore basebetsi ba Lesotho ba fumantsoe moputso o ba lokelang le ho khothaletsa hore sehlopha ka seng se ikopanye ka mekhatlo molemong oa katleho ea litlhoko tsa sona.

8. Mokha o tla sebeletsa katleho ea thuto le ho ntsetsa pele leano la thuto e sa lefelloeng ka batsoali likolong tsa mathomo le ho fetisetsa leano lena likolong tse mahareng le tse phahameng, ‘me ka likhafa tsa sechaba e tseetse bana ba Basotho ka lihlapiso hoea likolong tse kholo (tertiary) holatela tsekamelo ea ngoana hose khethollo ea lithuto tse lefelloang.

9. Mokha o tla loantsa bobolu, bohanyapetsi, khethollo, tjotjo, mejo le leeme esitana le ho llelana letsetse ha malapa tsebetsong ea sechaba.

10. Mokha o tla theha Lefapha la Basali le Bacha ho matlafatsa tsebetso ea bona ntsetsopeleng ea lipolotiki, bochaba le moruong oa Lesotho.

11. Mokha o tla sebeletsa hore bo-ramatsete ba tsoang kantle le ka hare ho naha ba be le tsireletso ea matsete a bona le ho beheletsa Lesotho, ‘me o tla susumetsa likamano tse mofutho lipakeng tsa bahiri le basebetsi.

12. Mokha o tla sebeletsa paballo ea tikoloho le lihloliloeng.

13. Mokha o tla etsa tsohle ho bona hore litokelo tsa mantlha tsa botho le ea baballoa ‘me li ea hlomphuoa.

14. Mokha o tla etsa ka matla ho bona hore batho ba phelang le HIV/AIDS ba fumana kalafo e lokelang le hore likhutsana tsohle li ea baballoa.

15. Mokha o tla bona hore hoba le tekano ea botona le botsehali mafapheng ohle a bophelo ba sechaba.

16. Mokha o tla etsa tsohle ho bona hore litokelo tsa bana le basali li baballoa.

17. Mokha o tla sireletsa litokelo tsa batho ba nang le bokooa.

18. Mokha o tla sebeletsa tsoelopele le boitjaro ba litho le sechaba kholisong ea moruo oa naha, bosechaba le tsoelopele ea motho ka bomong.

19. Mokha o tla sebeletsa hore moruo oa naha o ajoa molemong oa mafapha ohle a sechaba.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Our Flag

Our flag is very similar to the Lesotho national flag as it flew from 1965 until 1986. The flag is rectangular and is 70% blue with three vertical strips white, red and green respectively each occupying 10% of the flag. The Constitution of the Party elaborates on the meaning and sybmolism of each colour.

The Basotho Democratic National Party supports the new National Flag adopted on 4 October 2006 as a symbol of national unity and reconcilliation. We are sincere in the hope that it will be the last new flag and that with time and our support it will become the flag our nation in heart and mind. Members of our Party who were members of the outgoing Parliament and Senate including Thabang Nyeoe, Jerry Letsie, Leseteli Malefane, Mooki Molapo, Thamsanqa Tyali, Malerotholi Sekhonyana and others supported its adoption.

Our flag is always to be flown at our rallies and pitsos and shall always be flown below the National Flag and raised and lowered before the Nationbal Flag.

Welcome to the Basotho Democratic National Party

On behalf of the leadership and all the members of the Basotho Democratic National Party (BDNP) 'Mokha oa Basotho oa Puso ea Sechaba ka Sechaba' I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. We have put this together as a temporary measure while our website is under construction. In the coming days and weeks we will be posting our Constitution, the 2007 Election Manifesto and other documents relating to the progress, development and growth of our Party.

As much as these documents will allow us to explain ourselves and our policies positions our most important and fundemental characteristic is our commitment to the upliftment of the masses of Lesotho's people. The greatest proportion of our people are poor. Despite this and the numerous hardships that they daily endure they remain the backbone of our great nation and the custodians of its true potential. Under a govenment of the BDNP these same people who have so long been neglected will become the main and central focus of our economic, educational and social upliftment. Our democracy will truly become a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

We hope that as you read about us and what we stand for you will not only be moved to join us but to more importantly stand up and be counted under whatever party's flag, as a person who is committed to the betterment of Lesotho and all the Basotho people.